Accountability Status Report for Verification
Known Problems That Have Been Corrected

A list of districts and schools for which corrected reports have been generated is posted at this URL:

Flexibility for the Students with Disability group to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

Rule If the students with disability group is the only group that does not make AYP at the elementary/middle level in English language arts (ELA) or mathematics, the United State Department of Education (USED) allows 34 points to be added to that group’s Performance Index. If the group met the 95 percent participation rate and the adjusted Performance Index equals or exceeds the Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) for the subject, the district/school will be deemed to have made AYP in that subject. At the elementary/middle level, the AMO for ELA is 122; the AMO for mathematics is 86.

Error The adjusted Performance Index was compared with the Effective AMO for the group rather than the AMO. The Effective AMO is smaller than the AMO. Districts/Schools whose Performance Index equaled or exceeded the Effective AMO but did not equal or exceed the AMO were incorrectly judged to have made AYP. If the Performance Index does not equal or exceed the AMO, the AYP judgment has been changed from "Yes" to "No."

Participation Rate

Rule Accountability groups with fewer than 40 students enrolled at the time of the test are not subject to the 95 percent participation rule.

Error Some groups with fewer than 40 students were judged to have not made AYP because the participation rate of the group was less than 95 percent. The AYP judgment for groups with this error has been changed from "No" to "Yes" if the group met a performance criterion for AYP.

Science Safe Harbor

Rule In ELA and mathematics, an accountability group whose performance does not equal or exceed its Effective AMO can make AYP using the safe harbor provision. To make safe harbor, the group must equal or exceed its safe harbor target and make AYP in science.

Error Accountability groups for which there was no AYP decision in science because fewer than 30 continuously enrolled students had a valid science score were considered to have not met the science qualification for safe harbor. These groups are now considered to have met the science qualification for safe harbor. If the group also equaled or exceeded its ELA or mathematics safe harbor target, the group’s AYP judgment has been changed from "No" to "Yes."

Incorrect Accountability Status

Rule A school in improvement status for a subject must make AYP for two consecutive years in that subject to be placed in Good Standing.

Error Some schools in improvement status in a subject who made AYP in that subject in 2004-05 and did not make AYP in the subject in 2005-06 were incorrectly reported to be in Good Standing. The schools have been placed in their correct accountability status.