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  1. New York State’s Student Data Collection and Reporting System
  2. The System Consists of Four Parts:
  3. SIRS: Individual Student Records
  4. Repository System Goal
  5. Time Lines
  6. SIRS
  7. SIRS (continued)
  8. Annual Reporting Database
  9. No Title
  10. New York State Student Identification System (NYSSIS)
  11. No Title
  12. New York State Testing and Accountability Reporting Tool
  13. Report Types
  14. Verification Reports
  15. Assessment Reports
  16. Performance Measures
  17. Assessment Reports: Individual Student Reports
  18. Assessment Reports: Summary Reports
  19. Key Highlights of Interactive Reports: Overview Reports
  20. Key Highlights of Interactive Reports: Subgroup Reports
  21. Key Highlights of Interactive Reports: Standards Reports and Item Reports
  22. Key Highlights of Interactive Reports: Creating Reports
  23. No Title
  24. Security System
  25. Security System
  26. How the Public Can Use This System
  27. Using the nySTART demo
  28. Highlights of SIRS
  29. Highlights of nySTART for Schools
  30. Highlights of nySTART for Parents

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