Information and Reporting Services

Education Statistics for New York State

Trends in enrollment, expenditures, local assistance, Federal aid, staffing, and postsecondary student financial aid.

Elementary and Secondary Education Section

1 Elementary and Secondary Public and Nonpublic School EnrollmentTable 1
2 Number of Public School Districts by Type
3 Half-Day and Full-Day Public School Pre-Kindergarten Enrollment
4 Percent Distribution of Public School Students by Racial/Ethnic Origin
5 Distribution of Black and Hispanic Public School Students
6 Professional Staff in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
7 Median Salary of Public Elementary and Secondary School Classroom Teachers
8 Percent of Students Tested Meeting the New State Standards on the Mathematics and English Language Assessments
9 Percent of Public High School Graduates Entering Postsecondary Education by Type of Institution
10 Enrollment in Occupational Education Programs
11 Total Expenditures and State Funds for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
12 Federal Aid for Education Administered by the State Education Department
13 Trends in Major Programs of Federal Aid Administered by the State Education Department

Postsecondary Education Section

14 Number and Amount of Scholarships, Awards and Student Loans Guaranteed by Program
15  Annual Average Recipients and Amount of Tuition Assistance Program Expenditures by Level of Study and Type of Institution
16  Full-Time, Degree-Credit Enrollment in Institutions of Higher Education
17  Part-Time, Degree-Credit Enrollment in Institutions of Higher Education

Professional Education Section

18 Professional Registrations
19 Number and Type of Disciplinary Actions Imposed on Professional Licensees by the Board of Regents

Cultural Education Section

20  Summary of Library Statistics (Data Table) (Text)
21  Educational Television and Public Broadcasting

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Last Updated: February 23, 2010