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Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) Codes

This table contains responses to BEDS code questions that have been received.  If a BEDS code is not on the location table for the State Repository, it cannot be used to report the enrollment of a student.  If you have not received a response regarding any BEDS code issue that has been reported or you have a new BEDS code issue and the code is not listed on this chart, please see the frequently asked questions document for more information.

Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) Codes
BEDS Code Institution Name Status On location table
030200880173 Broome County Child Development Council Community Based Organizations No
131500100011 Rehab Programs Inc feeding site No
131500990043 Astor Learning Ctr feeding site No
131500998055 Astor Center not a school - cannot have enrollment No
131701999086 Devereux open Yes
131801041001 Daytop Rhinebeck not a school - cannot have enrollment No
131801100003 Devereux Center in Red Hook, NY feeding site No
131801998687 Astor Center (Day Program in Poughkeepsie) open Yes
131801999086 Devereux closed No
131802990006 Astor Center (Residential Program in Rhinebeck) APPROVED PRIVATE SCHOOLS FOR SWD Yes
132101250003 Academic Solutions Proprietary school No
142601990014 Heritage Center feeding site No
142801928182 Western New York Childs Psychiatric Center open Yes
500308100009 Prime Time for Kids feeding site No
591401690003 SDTC Center for Discovery not a school - cannot have enrollment No
591401997802 Center for Discovery (Sullivan Diagnostic Treatment Center open Yes
620600880011 Community Rehab Center in Kingston, NY PRE-SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Yes
620600998088 Children's Annex in Kingston closed No
621601998088 Children's Annex in Kingston open Yes
629000000004 BOCES-Tillson BOCES program - report under ULSTER BOCES code No
750000670145 Devereux Connecticut Glenholme open Yes
752100672117 The Grove School open Yes
752700672708 Kolbourne School open Yes
753300673305 Melmark HOome, Inc open Yes
753300673306 Pathway School open Yes
753400673402 Judge Rotenberg Educational Ctr., Inc open Yes
753700670012 Greenwood School open Yes
800000058213 Special Ed Training Resource Center at ONC BOCES BOCES program - report under OTSEGO-DELAW-SCHOHARIE-GREENE BOCES code No
not on SEDREF Behavioral Developmental and Educational Services 501 Westport Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851 No
NOTES: The following institution types cannot enroll students: closed, community based organization, feeding site, not a school
Proprietary schools are post secondary schools. Students who are enrolled in this type of institution while working toward a high school diploma should be reported as enrolled in the school expecting to award the diploma. If the student is not working toward a high school diploma, the student should be exited from the high school using reason code 272-Transferred to a postsecondary school prior to earning a diploma.
Students enrolled in programs operated by a BOCES, regardless of location, should have an enrollment record which includes the BEDS code of the BOCES
Last Updated: February 22, 2011