Table 19
Number And Type Of Disciplinary Actions
Imposed On Professional Licensees
By The Board Of Regents
New York State

Disciplinary Action 2008-09a/
Revocation/surrender of license 57
Revocation stayed 3
Actual suspension of license 119
Suspension stayed 151
Censure and reprimand 19
Fine only 17
Retraining/Continuing Education/Ethics course required only 0
No further action 1
Other 55

Dismissal (not guilty)

Fine imposed in conjunction with another penalty 261

Placed on probation in conjunction with another penalty


a/ April 2008 to March 2009.

Professional Regulation in New York State

The New York system of professional regulation is unique in placing a citizen body, the Board of Regents, in charge of the education, licensure and discipline of professionals.  New York’s system is unique, too, in providing for state boards to advise the Commissioner and the Regents on all matters relating to licensure, practice, and discipline.  Unlike in most other states, these boards do not make policy nor do they make final decisions on disciplinary issues.  Rather, the boards make recommendations on these matters to the Department and the Board of Regents.