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Education Law Section 2053 Reporting

Chapter 640 of the Laws of 2008 added sections 2050-2054 of the Education Law. This legislation created new penalties for pension fraud and increased transparency and accountability in school spending. Section 2051 prohibits a lawyer from simultaneously being an independent contractor and an employee of a school district or BOCES for the purpose of providing legal services to the district or BOCES. Section 2052 establishes penalties for violations of section 2051.

As part of the new reform measures, all school districts and BOCES are required by Section 2053 to submit to the Attorney General, the State Comptroller, and the State Education Department information concerning all lawyers who provide legal services to the districts or BOCES for each fiscal year. To streamline the reporting requirements of section 2053, the three State agencies have created an electronic filing system that will allow districts and BOCES to electronically submit information for use by the three agencies. Instructions for using the e-filing system are included below. Please do not send any information by e-mail or regular mail.

The electronic filing system is available via the Internet through the NYSED Business Portal. Each school district/BOCES must designate one representative to be responsible for Education Law 2053 reporting. Each school district/BOCES has a Delegated Administrator for the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). The SEDDAS Delegated Administrator will need to grant the selected representative access rights to the Education Law Reporting system. Please see the enclosed Instructions for further details on how to file reports with the electronic Education Law 2053 reporting system.

For additional guidance, we have enclosed responses to frequently asked questions, which also will be available through the e-filing system. For any additional questions, please call the Office of the State Attorney General at 212-416-8090. Thank you for your cooperation.

Last Updated: January 4, 2012