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Contracts for Excellence Program—School Year 2009-10: Questions and Answers

1.    Which districts are subject to C4E requirements next year?

Any district that was subject to C4E in 2008-09 will be required to submit a Contract in 2009-10, unless all of their schools are in good standing.  Thirty-two (of the current 39) districts will continue to be responsible for maintaining C4E expenditures from prior year(s), as approved by the Commissioner.    

Districts subject to C4E requirements in 2009-10      

            Albany City SD
            Amsterdam City SD
            Arlington CSD
            Binghamton City SD
            Buffalo City SD
            Copaigue UFSD
            Dunkirk City SD
            Elmira City SD
            Fulton City SD
            Geneva City SD
            Greece CSD
            Hannibal CSD
            Haverstraw-Stoney Point CSD
            Hyde Park CSD
            Massena CSD
            Middletown City SD
            Monticello CSD
            New York City
            Newburgh City SD
            Ossining UFSD
            Oswego City SD
            Port Jervis City SD
            Rochester City SD
            Schenectady City SD
            South Colonie CSD
            Syracuse City SD
            Utica City SD
            Valley Central SD (Montgomery)
            Wappingers CSD
            Watervliet City SD
            White Plains City SD
            Yonkers City SD

2.    What is the timeline for 2009-10 C4E?

The C4E timeline can be found online at www.emsc.nysed.gov/mgtserv/C4E .

3     If a district does not expend all of their C4E-restricted Foundation Aid in 2008-09 can they carry over the funding to 2009-10?

No. The proposed law allows for C4E districts in 2009-10 to allocate and spend unexpended funds from 2007-08 to either 2008-09 and/or 2009-10 but does not allow districts to carry over funds from the 2008-09 school year.

4.    How much funding will districts receive that is subject to C4E requirements in 2009-10?

The State budget provides Foundation Aid for all school districts at the 2008-09 level. The law requires C4E districts to maintain expenditures for C4E allowable programs at the level of their 2007-08 and 2008-09 C4E Contract Amounts, as approved by the Commissioner. NYSED has calculated the 2008-09 approved Contract Amount including 2007-08 maintenance of effort amounts, to be the 2009-10 C4E Maintenance of Effort (MOE) amount.

5.    Can districts change how they spend their C4E funds in 2009-10?

Yes. Districts can allocate funds differently in 2009-10, than in the prior year.  The reallocation of funds must be for new C4E allowable programs and approved by the Commissioner. Reallocated funds are not part of the prior year’s Maintenance of Effort.

6.    Are there any provisions for allocating funds to district-wide programs, other than through the method districts used in 2008-09?

Yes.  In the past districts allocated funds for district-wide programs at the individual school level. In 2009-10, the C4E online system will allow districts to allocate district-wide programs at the district level, not tied to any particular school.   Districts will have to demonstrate that the district-wide program benefits students with the greatest educational needs and will need to provide information at the close of the school year concerning who actually participated from each school.

7.    Are districts subject to C4E public process requirements, including public posting of C4E plans and public hearings to obtain public feedback, if they are not reallocating any funds?

Yes.  Districts must post their plans and conduct hearings on their 2009-10 C4E including amounts maintained and/or reallocated.  All C4E districts must comply with the public process requirements even if they are not repurposing any funds in 2009-10.

8.    What is new for Contracts for Excellence in the laws of 2009?

The State codified three changes in law referring to the Contract for Excellence in Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2009. They are the following: 

1) Districts that submitted a Contract for 2008-09 shall submit one for SY 2009-10, unless all schools are in good standing.

2) Districts which submitted a Contract in 2008-09 and will do so for school year 2009-10 and which did not expend all of their Foundation Aid (which is subject to the provisions of C4E) in school year 2007-08, may reallocate and expend these funds in school year 2008-09 or 2009-10 on allowable C4E activities.  For maintenance of effort spending in school year 2008-09 during school year 2009-10, such spending shall be included in the total budgeted amount for school year