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2008-09 Contracts for Excellence (C4E) Performance Target Matrix Using State Assessments Directions

The accompanying worksheets are for planning purposes—to assist C4E districts in preparing performance target data.  The EXCEL Chart provided, 2008-09 C4E Performance Matrix Using State Assessments, is for performance targets where there is a State assessment.  This data will be entered into your C4E Web-Based Application.  Performance Narratives Without State Assessments, (see next page) is for student performance targets in areas where there is no State assessment.  These will also be completed and submitted through the on-line application. The accompanying tables can also be used to share your planned student achievement targets with the public, as required in the public process of developing your C4E.  The Department expects C4E districts to include a gap reduction target for every school projected to receive a C4E allocation.



Please use the Excel spreadsheet labeled, 2008-09 C4E Performance Matrix Using State Assessments, at: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/mgtserv/documents/UpdatedPerformancetargetmatrixfor08-09sample.xlsexcel icon(338KB)  to identify the accountability criteria and disaggregated groups where student achievement growth is expected.  Districts will identify for each school with C4E funds the percent of gap reduction that is expected.  Accountability criteria may be entered for:  Grade 3-8 English language arts; Grade 3-8 mathematics; elementary-middle science; high school English language arts; high school mathematics; and graduation rate.  The disaggregated student groups for which gap reduction targets may be entered are: All students; American Indian or Alaska native; Black or African American;  Hispanic or Latino; Asian or native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander; White; Multiracial; Students with Disabilities; Limited English Proficient; and  Economically Disadvantaged. Enter the percent of gap reduction expected.  The gap is the gap between the school’s Performance Index in 2006-07 for each specified accountability criterion and disaggregated group and 100 percent proficiency (i.e., a Performance Index of 200).

Districts should focus their performance targets on accountability criteria and disaggregated groups for which the school has failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in the past year (inclusive of districts that did not make their Safe Harbor Target).  For schools in accountability status, the specified percent gap reduction should be a minimum of ten percent; or the identified Safe Harbor percentage which has been established for the subgroup within the school.

Districts that are already making AYP should select the lowest performing subgroups in schools with C4E allocations and identify their expected percent gap reduction effort (need not be ten percent).  If graduation rate is chosen, increases of a minimum of one percent should be designated.

Districts will subsequently enter this information into the C4E web-based system.

2008-09 Contract for  Excellence (C4E) Performance Narrative Without State Assessments


If Contract for Excellence funds are being used in an area where there is not a State assessment (for example, implementation of all day pre-kindergarten programs or reduction of class sizes in grades K-2), or where achievement gains are not measurable by State assessments, please indicate the achievement improvements you expect from using these funds.

The form below is to be used by schools that will in 2008-09 participate in Self-Assessment of School Performance Program. Schools typically participate in the self-assessment program if:  the highest grade of enrollment in the school is Grade 2; the school is a high school that has not yet graduated a class; the school is new; or the school has insufficient numbers of continuously enrolled students to be held accountable using Grade 3-8 or high school State assessments.  Schools that participated in Self-Assessment programs in 2007-08, and will participate in 2008-09, are encouraged to review their submissions when completing this form.  This table may also be used for schools that are targeting C4E funds in ways that are not intended to result in a school making AYP with a group of students in 08-09, for example,  a K-5 building that will reduce class sizes in Grade 1 in 08-09.  Finally, this form may be used for schools participating in State assessments but where C4E funds are being used to support improvement in results other than those measurable through the State assessment. 

Criteria column one, add your response in column two



Annual Academic Goal: Identify the State Learning Standard(s) on which Contract for Excellence funds will be used to support efforts to have students achieve proficiency



Target Population: Identify the group(s) of students with greatest needs on which funds are being targeted.  If funds are being allocated to specific subpopulations within a needs group (i.e. newly arrived ELL students; low-income students in grades K-2), specify this subpopulation


Indicators of Progress and/or Accomplishment:  Explain how the school will  know whether strategies are working to enable students to achieve proficiency


Measure: Identify the assessment that will be used to measure progress or accomplishment.


Timeline: Identify the timeline for measuring progress


Baseline: Provide the school’s baseline performance for this academic goal, indicate base academic year, e.g. 06-07 or 07-08.


Target: Provide the school’s target performance on this goal for the 2008-09 school year.



Last Updated: June 22, 2009