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New York State School Administrator Salary Disclosure

Chapter 474 of the Laws of 1996 required that the State Education Department prepare a statewide compilation of the salaries and other personnel costs of certain school administrators and make it available to all interested parties. The salaries, employee benefits and other forms of remuneration for superintendents of schools (TYPE 1) as well as deputy, assistant or associate superintendents (TYPE 2) and just the salaries of any other certified school administrators or supervisors (TYPE 3) who are scheduled to be paid at or above a certain level are available for downloading here.

        $85,000 (1997-98),

        $87,000 (1998-99),

        $89,000 (1999-2000),

        $91,000 (2000-01)

        $94,000 (2001-02)

        $97,000 (2002-03)

        $99,000 (2003-04)

        $101,000 (2004-05)

Last Updated: April 1, 2015