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Costs for Special Ed Services for students in Nonpublic Schools outside their district of residence


Q.)  Our School District has been getting billed from another Public School District for our students receiving related services (Resource Room) at a non-public school. 

The District in question has not been deducting the State Aid they should have received for
our students with disabilities. We have been taking the deductions when paying the bills. 

They claim they are not including these students in their State Aid Forms, therefore
we are not entitled to any deduction.    

Is there a specific ruling that can help remedy this situation? 

  1. When a student receives Resource Room at a private school in another district are they eligible for the State Aid deduction from the District of Location?  (20% of the day)
  2. Isn’t the District of Location responsible for including these students in their State Aid Forms?

A.)   The public school district in which the non -public school is located should be using the attached worksheet to figure the net amount it should bill back to the district of origin/residence for a parentally placed student.  It is the same worksheet districts use for figuring charter school billings.  If you look under “Charter Schools” on the State Aid web site you will find several years of Parentally Placed Billing Worksheets listed. 

Yes, there should be a billing deduct for a student who would fall into the 20% Students with Disabilities (SWD) category.


Last Updated: July 8, 2015