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Booster Clubs


Q.) Do fund raising regulations apply to booster clubs in a district?

A.) In a commissioners decision, (Decision No. 15,529), it states the following as part of the response:

“However, respondent’s president, the interim superintendent and the president of the Booster Club all aver that the Booster Club is a voluntary organization that conducts its own fund-raising and activities.”

In addition, a booster club is not part of, or fall under, the district’s umbrella. They follow their own rules but they also need to be using their own resources to run their events (they should not be using district letterhead, postage, etc.) and follow all appropriate tax laws that govern them. The district always wants to be careful that if one of these types of groups wants to use the building for a particular purpose that the district ensures it will not violate section 414 of EL regarding building usage.


Last Updated: March 3, 2015