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Q.)  In section 912 of Education Law there is no mention on whether pre-K students should be included in the enrollment numbers used to determine the cost per student for billing purposes. Should districts bill other districts for health service provided to non-residents students enrolled in Pre-K programs in non-public schools?

A.)  This question supports the need of a contract between both public schools from the onset to avoid issues later on.
The costs for health services to a non-public with pre-K are the responsibility of the district of location, if they have an entry level of pre-K in their public school. Usually this is a UPK program, even if the district contracts with a CBO to provide the program they are still public school students.

What compounds this is the fact that the district of residence is only responsible for health services to pre-K student if it has an entry level that is pre-K.  This reinforces the necessity of the district of location establishing contracts with the districts of residence.



Last Updated: November 18, 2014