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Only local educational agencies (LEAs) planning to transfer the use of funds funds under Section 6123 of NCLB are required to complete this form.  

Section 6123 permits LEAs to transfer the use of up to 50 percent of the funds they receive under Title II, Part A; Title II, Part D; Title IV, Part A; and Title V, Part A between each other and into Title I, Part A.  The use of funds may not be transferred out of Title I, Part A.  However, LEAs identified by the State Education Department as requiring improvement under NCLB can only transfer the use of 30 percent, and for these LEAs any use of funds transferred into Titles other than Title I must be used for activities consistent with Section 1116(c) of NCLB.  LEAs in corrective action may not use the transferability option.  LEAs are not required to take advantage of transferability. 

Transferability is not a transfer of funds from one Title program to another.  Instead, it is a transfer of the use of funds.  An LEA's allocation for each of the Title programs will remain the same, as will the total amount of each FS-10 budget.  The LEA will always include the use of the funds allocated for a specific Title in that Title‚Äôs FS-10 budget (or FS-10-A budget amendment) under the appropriate expenditure, indicating the program Title that those funds are going to support. 


An LEA (that is not in improvement status) wants to use 50 percent of their Title II, Part D funds to pay for a portion of a Title I reading teacher's salary. The FS-10 budget for Title II, Part D will include that amount of money in Code 15, Professional Salaries, as an expenditure for a Title I reading teacher with the FTE and salary amount, and the LEA needs to file a Transferability Form.

LEAs may utilize the transferability option during the development of the Consolidated Application/DCEP Addendum Update and FS-10 budgets or during the 2009-2010 year.  During the year, complete an FS-10-A budget amendment for the Title program in which the transfer of the use of funds will occur.  In either case, submit this form electronically.

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • For LEAs outside of New York City and all charter school LEAs in the State - Title I School & Community Services office at

  • For New York City LEAs - Office of School Improvement & Community Services (NYC) at (718) 722-2647.

Transferability Form for LEAs in Good Standing

Transferability Form for LEAs in Improvement Status (Districts in Need of Improvement)

Last Updated: October 2, 2009