Nonpublic Schools

Closing a School

Procedures for Closing a School

  1. If a school closes for any reason, please notify the Office of Nonpublic School Services on school stationary as soon as possible and include the exact date, reason for closing and the location for storing student records for a 50 year time period. Include the address, telephone number and contact person where the records will be stored. It is strongly recommended that the public school district, where the nonpublic is located, be the site for storing student records. As we get many inquiries for student transcripts years after a school has closed, this is a critical part of the process. The notification of a school closing will be shared with the State Education Department office that oversees the BEDS code process and the school’s registration will be listed as inactive in the SEDREF system.
  2. Submit any Certificate(s) of Registration, i.e., Provisional or Absolute Charter documents, issued by the State Education Department.
  3. Return to the public school district all textbooks, library materials, computer software and hardware loaned to students who attended the nonpublic school.
  4. Dissolution of the Education Corporation (links for legal references, including distribution of assets and needed forms are listed below)

List of Closed Schools and Records Retention Information*

The accompanying list of closed schools, with contact information and location of school records includes data submitted to the State Education Department but is not necessarily inclusive of all closed schools. The list is updated annually, typically in June. Additional information on the status of a school can also be obtained through SEDREF:$.startup

List of Closed Nonpublic Schools PDF icon (703KB)

* if available

Last Updated: July 24, 2013