Nonpublic Schools

December 7, 2011 - MSA Claims for 2010-11 School Year

The online system is now available for schools to submit their MSA claim for the 2010-11 school year. Please note that if you have any other MSA or CAP claim that is in any other status than CLOSED (the claim was paid), you will need to wait until all such claims are paid (i.e., CLOSED) before you can submit the 10-11 school year claim.
The online application process is the most efficient way to claim both MSA and CAP. Staff members are available to assist schools in filing online and can be reached at 518-474-3936 and
Please note, the Department has been informed that the Statewide Financial System will not be fully operational until April 2012.  Therefore, the OSC Vendor ID will no longer be a required field for the MSA claim forms or online system at this time.  However, please note that schools that have not yet received an OSC Vendor ID are encouraged to work with the Department to obtain one so that future payments are not jeopardized.
In order for your MSA claim to be considered timely, it must be submitted and/or received by January 11, 2012.  For those schools making an online submission, it is important to note that an “Open” claim is not a “submitted” claim.  For those schools submitting a paper form, please be sure to allow time for the mailing process as received does not mean “postmarked”.  Funds will not be made available to make payments until after the due date of January 11, 2012. To avoid confusion on the timing of payments, schools will not be receiving a system-generated e-mail notification stating that payment will be made in 7-10 days when their claim is approved.  Schools should track the status of their claim by accessing the mandated services online system available through the SED Business Portal. User IDs and passwords can be obtained from the SED Delegated Account System at 518-473-8832.
As explained in the Department’s July 2011 Announcement of Aid Application, if based on the submissions received by January 11, 2012, funding is not sufficient to pay all claims, payments will be pro-rated based on available funding.  The unpaid balance will be paid when additional funds become available.

Last Updated: February 3, 2012