Nonpublic Schools

Nonpublic School Fire Reports

INITIAL FIRE INSPECTION REPORT:. The Initial Fire Inspection must be performed by a local government official, be dated within 12 months of submission date, and show that escape routes are clear and adequate and all alarm systems are working.The initial Fire Inspection report is required in the following instances:

1. Applying for Provisional Charter

2. Applying for a Commissioner's Consent

3. Applying for a new BEDS code

4. Requesting a Change of Location

ANNUAL FIRE SAFETY INSPECTION REPORT : Education Law 807-A requires annual inspection of all grade 1-12 schools with at least 25 students and all nurseries and kindergartens with at least 6 students outside of New York City. Initial fire inspections performed on or after July 1st can be used to meet this annual requirement.  Initial fire inspections performed before July 1st will not meet this annual requirement.   

Annual Fire Safety Inspection Letter from Facilities Planning  WORD ICON

Non-Public School Fire Safety Manual  PDF ICON  (655KB)


Last Updated: November 21, 2018