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Comprehensive Attendance Policy (CAP) Archive

2006-07 Comprehensive Attendance Program (CAP)

The online system was enhanced to include the 3, 5, 6 and 7 ELA/Math tests and generate the Comprehensive Attendance Program (CAP) for the 2006-07 School Year.  The system will be available on March 18, 2009 for nonpublic schools to claim payment.

In order to claim the above, you must file an amendment to the original 06-07 school year claim.  Please keep in mind that only one claim can be open at a time.  This means that if you have a 2007-08 claim open, you cannot open the 06-07 claim to do an amendment until the 07-08 school year claim is closed (paid).

After ensuring that there are no open claims, you can claim your school’s Testing and CAP payment by going to to log on to the Mandated Services Aid online system.  Complete the steps as outlined in the Online Instructions to Receive 3, 5, 6 and 7 ELA/Math and CAP Payment for School Year 2006-07 if claiming both or Online Instructions to Receive CAP Payment for School Year 2006-07 if claiming just CAP.

The CAP payment is generated by using the Pupil Attendance Reporting (PAR) average hourly rate and the enrollment reported in Section II that you submitted either online or on the MSA-1 form for school year 2006-07.  You cannot make changes to this data.  All CAP payments will be reduced by .9212 to account for a reduction in the budget allocation.  There is no reduction to the testing total expenditures.

Use of the online system is the most expeditious process for receiving payments.  If you choose not to access the online system, please print the CAP payment form that was attached to your e-mail notification, review the certification statement, complete, sign and return to the Office of Grants Management.  Forms to claim testing are available at  All paper claims will need to be signed, certified and returned to our office for processing.

The Office of Grants Management will randomly sample schools which claim CAP for a desk review. Please note that if your school does not have a comprehensive attendance policy that includes the information enumerated in Section 104.1(i) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, you may be required to reimburse the State for any funds received in relation to this program. If you have any questions about your schools 3, 5, 6 and 7 Testing or CAP payment, please send an e-mail message to or contact us at (518) 474-3936.

2005-06 Comprehensive Attendance Program (CAP)

Notices for the payment of the Comprehensive Attendance Program (CAP) mandated aid for school year 05-06 have been sent to nonpublic schools. Schools should receive a cover memo with instructions and CAP payment form MSA-27 to be signed and returned to the Office of Grants management to claim their CAP expenses. Please make sure the form is properly completed and includes the original signature of the Chief Administrator or the person registered in the Education Department’s SEDREF service. Return the form to the address shown on the bottom of the MSA-27 form.

Please note that the MSA-27 forms mailed to schools have been partially completed with individual school information and pre-calculated CAP payment due to school. It is this form that the school official needs to sign and return to us. Facsimiles of the forms cannot be accepted. Forms with alterations or without original signatures will not be processed.

The recalibrated formula used to calculate the CAP is as follows:

Administrative K-6 expenses = ([Average of Administrative and Support staff hourly salaries*] x [K-6 enrollment]) x (.125)

Support staff K-6 expenses = ([Average of Administrative and Support staff hourly salaries*] x [K-6 enrollment]) x (.125)

Administrative 7-12 expenses = ([Administrative hourly salaries*] x [7-12 enrollment]) x (.27)

Support staff 7-12 expenses = ([Support staff hourly salaries*] x [7-12 enrollment]) x (.44)

Teachers K-6 expenses = ([Teachers hourly salaries*] x [K-6 enrollment]) x (.165)

Teachers 7-12 expenses = ([Teachers hourly salaries*] x [7-12 enrollment]) x (2.62)

*Hourly salaries used are those reported by schools in the PAR section on their 2005-2006 school year claim and should include salaries and fringe benefits.

The amount on your CAP payment form reflects the sum of all calculated expenses. This amount is in addition to any other amount claimed and paid to schools under the mandated services aid part of the program. For any other questions on the CAP payment, please contact us through our generic email address at or call (518) 474-3936. For more information on the nature of the CAP and requirements schools must meet in order to claim the payment, please access this Web page:

To find out the payment status and current amount that is expected to be paid for CAP on the MSA-27 form go to the Grants Finance website at Once there, use the Control + Click buttons to access the Grants Finance Web page. Click the Nonpublic Services Reports menu option; Click the county your school is located in and find your school in the names listed. You will see two options: NONPUBLIC MANDATED SERVICES (for payment of mandated services for school year 2005-06) and NONPUBLIC SCHOOL AID – CAP (for the CAP payment).

Last Updated: February 3, 2012