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Status of the Mandated Services Aid Online System for School Year 2007-08 Claims

The Mandated Services Aid Web-Based System is now available to enter 2007-08 school year claim data. The system is accessed via the Department’s web portal ( The system links to information that was submitted to the Department’s Office of Information and Reporting Services. The Mandated Services Aid (MSA) system will display the BEDS enrollment data and Regents examination information that was reported to the Department. The person entering the data has the option of entering different claim data. Please be advised that you must have documentation available to support the claim.

Other elementary and secondary testing data will not be available until late October, early November. Prior to the official submission date, you will be able to enter and save your school’s claim data, but a "Submit" button will not be available. The system will perform all the expenditure calculations for each mandate and populate the Section 1- Summary of Expenditures screen, but your claim will remain in an “Open” status. The system will also perform validity checks and other edits. You will receive a warning message about a problem with a mandate and may be able to resolve the issue prior to submitting the online claim.

We will post an announcement on this web site and the system will generate an e-mail message to notify you when you will be able to submit you school’s MSA claim.

If your school’s claim for the 2006-07 school year is not closed (i.e., it is in the process of being amended, or it is in a “hold” or “post review” status), you will not be able to open a claim for the 2007-08 school year. When you log onto the system, you will see your school’s payee information and the following.

Select a claim year for a new claim: [2007] [2008]

If there is not a 2008 button, your 2006-07 claim is not closed. Please contact for additional instructions.

For additional information about the online system, please keep reading.

A letter was recently sent to all nonpublic school administrators which discusses the Department’s new Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). Implementation of the new SEDDAS software requires that all passwords be reset. This was done on the evening of 9/9/08. The user code and temporary password were included with the letter. A copy of a generic letter and information about how to change the temporary password are available at SEDDAS.

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Help Using the Online System

  1. Elluminate Live! is a live, remote training product that works with any platform, is optimized for low bandwidth and is compliant with the Rehabilitation Act, Section 508. All you need is a computer, speakers and a java plug-in which you download from the Elluminate site. Ten Elluminate training sessions were held during September and October, 2007.
    • A recording of the last Elluminate session is available at external link icon
    • Click on Recordings. Upper left-hand corner of the screen.
    • Change the calendar to October 2007.
    • The Mandated Services Aid Web System training was recorded on October 26, 2007.
    • Click on Mandated Services Aid Web System.
    • A recording of the training session will begin.
  2. User Guide for the 2007 Mandated Services Aid Online System Word document icon (2.4 MB)
  3. Powerpoint Presentation: Preparing the 2006-07 Claim and Using the Online System PowerPoint slideshow icon (1.2 MB)
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About the Online System

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Last Updated: December 30, 2019