Nonpublic Schools


To: Non-Public School Administrators


Date: August 2008

Re: SEDDAS and Related Training

The New York State Education Department has a number of Web-based applications that schools currently use to submit data or to request NYS exams. These applications are accessed via SED’s Web Portal, are protected from unauthorized use, and include:

  • IMF – Institution Master File (BEDS)/VADIR
  • MSA – Mandated Services Aid (Non-public schools only)
  • OSA – Examination Request System
  • C4E - Contract for Excellence (Public schools only)
  • SAMS – State Aid Management System (Public schools only)
  • IHRS – Impartial Hearing Reporting System (Public schools only)

SED manages access to the applications through a process of secure UserIDs and passwords. Beginning in the summer of 2008, the New York State Education Department will be utilizing a new system called SEDDAS (SED Delegated Account System) to manage access to these applications. SEDDAS provides school administrators the authority to create and manage User IDs and passwords for their school’s employees; this is referred to as Account Administration. School administrators will also determine which staff will have access to one or more of the applications available through SED’s Web Portal; this is referred to as Entitlement Administration.

In order to introduce the new system and prepare school staff for the use of SEDDAS, SED has contracted with Questar III BOCES to conduct training sessions. There will be three ways to access training:

  1. On-line training through an Elluminate system. Elluminate sessions are live interactive, real-time online training sessions that you can log in to from your computer.
  2. A recorded Elluminate training session that can be viewed from your desktop at your convenience.
  3. Self review of a training handout in Powerpoint is also available, along with a detailed user guide.

A printable SEDDAS user guide and details about further training are available at:

Implementation of the new SEDDAS software requires that SED reset all passwords for non-public school administrators. We will do this on the evening of 9/9/08. Your existing passwords will work until then. We realize that many of you may have recently reset your passwords to order exams or for some other purpose. We apologize for the inconvenience that this recent SED password reset may cause you. When you first sign on, SEDDAS will require you to change the temporary password(s) noted below. When you proceed to change your temporary password, you may see what appears to be a red ERROR message in the ORACLE screens. There is no error; this is an erroneous message in the proprietary ORACLE software over which SED has no control. Ignore the ERROR message and continue to change your temporary password to a permanent one.

Your USERID(s) and temporary password(s) currently on file with SEDDAS are as follows:

BEDS_CD: 01-01-00-99-7697
School_Name: Whatever School it is
USERID: john.smith
Password: ou45smi

Last Updated: February 3, 2012