Part 100 Regulations

Part 100 Contact List

100.1 Definitions

100.2 General school requirements

100.3 Program requirements for students grades prekindergarten through four

100.4 Program requirements for grades five through eight

100.5 Diploma requirements

100.6 Local certificates

100.7 State high school equivalency diploma

100.8 Local high school equivalency diploma

100.9 High school individualized education program diplomas

100.10 Home instruction

100.11 Participation of parents and teachers in school-based planning and shared decisionmaking

100.12 Instructional computer technology plans

100.13 Contract for excellence

100.14 Excelsior scholars programs for grade seven mathematics and science students

100.15 Summer institutes for mathematics and science teachers in middle grades five through eight

100.16. Reasonable and necessary expenses of members of school quality review teams and joint intervention teams, and distinguished educators, appointed pursuant to Education Law, sections 211-b and 211-c

Last Updated: August 27, 2012