Charter School Office

                                Adding Board of Trustee Members

Board of Regents-Authorized Charter Schools Only

As per your charter agreement, Section 2 Governance:

“Prior to the appointment or election of any individual to the Board who is not a Founding School Trustee, the Board must submit to SED (pursuant to and together with a duly approved resolution of the Board) the name of the proposed member of the Board and such individual must timely provide to SED, in writing and/or in person, such background information as SED shall require (the “School Trustee Background Information”). Within forty-five days of receiving the name of the proposed member of the Board, SED shall in writing reject or approve such individual.  In the event that SED does not provide in writing an approval or rejection within the forty-five (45) day time period, the proposed member may be seated by the Board.  A failure by the Board or the proposed member to timely provide the School Trustee Background Information to SED shall be grounds for rejection.  If the School Trustee Background Information contains material misstatements or material omissions of fact, this shall constitute misconduct and the Regents may remove the School Trustee.”

Steps to follow to add a new member to your BoT:

  • To make a request, complete the following:  
  • Email your request and accompanying documentation to with the Subject Line reading: BoT Member Review: Insert CS name.
  • Your request will be forwarded to your Charter School Office liaison  PDF document  (24 KB).
  • If additional information is needed, the liaison will contact the BoT president.
  • If all information has been provided, an approval or rejection letter will be emailed to the BoT president. 



Last Updated: October 2, 2014