Charter School Office

2019 NYSED CSO Data Reporting Informational Webinar


To assist all charter schools navigate NYSED BEDS and SIRS data submission, the NYSED Office of Information and Reporting Services (IRS) and the Charter School Office (CSO) hosted a webinar on October 2nd via WebEx.

Accurate and timely submission of mandatory data elements through systems like BEDS and SIRS can be complex. This webinar can help make this process manageable, will save your school time, and answer questions that you and your school team may have.
During the webinar, we reviewed and answered questions regarding:

  • NYSED data reporting processes (data reporting should be a process, not a task)
  • SIRS
  • BEDS
  • ePMF
  • IMF

*In case you were unable to attend, please see a recording of the webinar below, along with a copy of the PowerPoint slides, and other helpful documents mentioned during the webinar.

Answers to questions concerning the BEDS online may be obtained by visiting the IRS Help Website. Questions regarding TAA and PMF can be answered by sending an email to For additional information, please visit

Last Updated: October 8, 2019