Charter School Office

Updating School Contact Info on SEDREF

All public contact information for charter schools, as well as all other public and nonpublic school districts, schools and BOCES, is maintained in the State Education Department Reference File (SEDREF) system, along with other key institutional data. The State Education Department and the Charter School Office (CSO) rely on the information in the SEDREF system for most communications with schools via email, phone, and mail. It is important that you routinely review and update your school’s public contact information according to the information provided in this memo.

SEDREF public information for each school includes school name, address, phone, fax, grades served, and URL and also the names and contact information for several key personnel titles at the school. For charter schools, the titles or roles that are of most importance for information and communication purposes are:
• Board of Trustee President
• Chief Executive Officer
• Chief Financial Officer
• Director of Special Education
• Information Officer
• Title I Coordinator
• Additional Contact*
*Note: We are working to include this additional contact email address on any communications that go out to chief executive officers via the official listserv, which is used by many Offices within SED that frequently share important and time-sensitive information, including Information and Reporting Services and Assessment.

Currently, the contact information for many new charter schools is not complete or up-to-date on SEDREF. At your earliest convenience, please review the SEDREF information for your school to ensure that all information identified in the paragraph above is current. In order to do so you can go to:$.startup. If you note that information is missing or incomplete, please follow the instructions at to correct your school’s profile. It is important to include your school’s BEDS code in your update request, and please copy the Charter School Office for all updates and changes via

You should note that any updates that involve a school name change or a change in location that will result in a change of school district must be approved by the Board of Regents or go into effect by operation of law before you can initiate updates to SEDREF. A change in location that will result in a change in Community School District (CSD) in New York City must be approved by the school’s authorizer before you can initiate updates to SEDREF. Changes in school district or CSD location will also result in a change to the school’s BEDS code, which must be effected through the Charter School Office. If these circumstances are applicable for your school, you should be working directly with your authorizer or NYSED CSO liaison.

Please review your SEDREF information periodically and update it promptly to reflect changes to contact information.

Last Updated: February 10, 2014