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2013-14 CSP Continuation Grant
Instructions for Combined Budget Workplan and Annual Progress Update

Please complete the CSP Budget Workplan and Annual Progress Update chart by following the instructions below.  Please note that the darkened sections are not to be completed until the end of the grant period. 

Budget Workplan Instructions

The purpose of the workplan is to compile the major activities to be completed during the next budget period of one year, aligning those activities to the amounts in the FS-10 budget, and to provide a timeline that the Department can use to gauge progress.  The activities must be consistent and align with the budget amounts requested in the FS-10.   Please reference the original approved application and any approved amendments when filling out this form and the FS-10, as the information should match.  When referencing project narrative from the original application, please provide a page number.

There must be (at least) one performance measure for each budget category  used in the FS-10. In other words, if there are four funded categories, there would have at least four performance measures in the workplan.  In some cases, there may be more than one budget category used for a particular performance measure.

For example, If there are funds in codes 15 (professional salaries), 40 (purchased services), 46 (travel), and 45 (supplies and materials), the chart might look like this:

Continuation Budget Workplan Approved Budget Amendment(s)* Annual Progress Update**
Performance Measure Budget
Amount of
Please complete this column at the end of the grant period.
Create and implement
curriculum and business
Code 15 –
January 1, 2014 –
June 30, 2014
Recruit staff, Board of
Trustees, and School
Code 40 –
September 1, 2013 – January 1, 2014
Train School Principal,
Curriculum Director, and
Finance Director on curriculum, leadership development, and financial systems

Code 40 - Purchased Services

Code 46 –




July 2014 –
September 2014
Procure items needed
(computers, furniture,
smartboards, library books) to open school in September 2013.
Code 45 –
January 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014

It is important to note that a performance measure is a measurable activity.  For instance, the performance measure that corresponds to the budget items for Professional Salaries describes what the staff the grant is supporting will actually do.  The money allocated in the budget allows certain activities to happen – and those activities are the performance measures.

The performance measures are a general listing of planned activities and will be the basis of progress reports.  The FS-10 budget for the performance measures will have more detail.  As an example, the corresponding FS-10 entries for the performance measures above may look like the following:

Subtotal - Code 15
Specific Position Title
Annualized Rate
of Pay
Project Salary
School Principal
School Curriculum Director
School Finance Director


Subtotal - Code 40
Description of Item
Provider of Services
Calculation of Cost
Proposed Expenditure
Recruitment of School Principal ACME Consulting 100 hours x $50 per hour
Recruitment of Board of Trustees Super Consulting, Inc. 50 hours x $50 per hour
Recruitment of high quality teachers ACME Consulting 100 hours x $50 per hour
Consultant to train staff on student data system Repository, Inc. 50 hours x $50 per hour


Subtotal - Code 46
Position of Traveler
Destination and Purpose
Calculation of Cost
Proposed Expenditures
School Principal and Curriculum Director
Leadership Training – Rochester NY
$750 per day x 3 days x 2 employees
Curriculum Director Curriculum Training – Buffalo, NY $250 per day x 1 day x 1 employee
School Finance Director and School Principal Finance Training – NYC, NY $500 per day x 3 days x 2 employees


Subtotal - Code 45
Description of Item
Unit Cost
Proposed Expenditure
Student Laptops
Staff Computers
Furniture per classroom
Library Books

Workplan Performance Measure Activities

Potential workplan performance measure activities are listed below.  These activities are very often supported by CSP funds, so they may be helpful suggestions.  The list is not inclusive, and they are not required activities.

  • Procure equipment/supplies/materials (furniture, computers, smartboards,
  • Recruit staff/board of trustees/students
  • Provide Professional Development for staff/board of trustees
  • Secure school or office space (rent)
  • Prepare space for learning (wiring, etc.)
  • Procure recruitment materials
  • Obtain legal services
  • Obtain audit or financial services
  • Train staff

*Approved Budget Amendments - If any amendments were approved to change your budget or activities, please list them in this column of the chart at the end of the grant period.

**Annual Progress Update - Please describe the progress made in each of the activities during the budget period.

Last Updated: December 20, 2013