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2018-2021 Charter Schools Program Planning and Implementation Grants

Purpose of Funding: New York State’s federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant provides funding to new charter schools for post-award planning and initial implementation. Planning activities may include refinement of desired educational results and methods for measuring progress toward achieving those results as well as professional development for charter school staff. Initial implementation activities may include student recruitment, acquiring educational materials and supplies, and acquiring or developing curriculum materials.

Eligible Applicants: Charter schools issued charters by the Board of Regents or the State University of New York that in school year 2018-19 are in a planning year or the first or second year of operation with enrolled students are eligible to receive a CSP planning and implementation grant. Charter schools previously awarded CSP planning and implementation grants are ineligible. Charter schools participating in a CSP replication grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education are also ineligible.

Funding: The base amount of each CSP grant is $550,000. Either (not both) of the following may also be awarded:

  • an additional $250,000 (at the time of the initial award) to any charter applicant that meets a “program design priority";
  • an additional $125,000, should a grantee meet an “underserved student populations priority” during their first year of operation.

Award Period: The current CSP funding opportunity begins July 1, 2018 and ends June 30, 2021. Planning activities may occur for up to 18 months and implementation may take place for up to 24 months with the combination not exceeding 36 months.  The award period is contingent upon the availability of CSP funds.

Application Materials:

Application Deadline: June 29, 2018

Submission Instructions: See application.

Support and Monitoring

Applicants may find this Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint file  to be helpful. It offers specifics about applying for CSP planning and implementation funds as well as general information about CSP grants.

In order to understand important grants compliance and management issues, please refer to the guidance and information page on NYSED's Grants Finance website.

All charter schools receiving CSP funds must have a CSP Agreed Upon Procedures report prepared by their independent auditors as explained in the Charter School Audit Guide. All charter schools receiving CSP funds are required to review the guide and to provide a copy of the guide to the school’s independent auditor. Please complete the appropriate section on the application cover page to inform NYSED that the Audit Guide has been shared with the independent auditor.

CSP desk audits are conducted by the Charter School Office each year. Schools are selected for desk audits based on a risk assessment that includes issues identified in annual financial audit reports and the CSP AUP report.

Last Updated: July 10, 2018