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2013-2016 New York Charter School Dissemination Program Grant

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The Power of Collaboration: Making Education Best Practices a Reality

The NYSED CSO hosted a conference on May 12, 2015 centered on best practice sharing between charter and district schools throughout New York State. Schools participating in the New York State Dissemination Program—a grant funded through the federal Charter Schools Program—were able to showcase their work, best practices, and lessons learned. This conference highlighted the emerging outcomes of the 11 charter schools and over 40 district schools involved in the dissemination grant. Over 120 administrators, teachers, program directors, evaluators, and elected officials attended.

Watch Conference Highlight Video:

This video shows excerpts of events throughout the day, including speakers and breakout sessions.



Watch Expert Panel Video: "The Power of Collaboration"

Moderated by Lindsey Christ of NY1

Leading education experts from the Dissemination and Replication Grants discuss the challenges of collaboration, how they were able to make the sharing of best practices a reality, and how you can, too.



Nearly five million dollars have been awarded to eleven charter schools in the New York City, Yonkers, Rochester City, and Albany City school districts.  These funds will be used to support the dissemination of effective practices and programs that have been developed and proven successful at high-performing New York Charter Schools, allowing for collaboration between charter and district schools. Of the 15 charter school applications received, eleven were approved to receive nearly $500,000 apiece for the July 1, 2013 to July 31, 2016 project period.

Grant awards are targeted to support the dissemination of charter schools’ best practices to district schools, with an emphasis on providing support to underperforming district schools. The dissemination grant allows for the sharing of best practices over a two-year time period, with a third year reserved to evaluate the effectiveness of the program(s). Dissemination activities include replicating and/or adapting the following types of practices, systems, and structures:

  • School leadership structures, particularly those that free instructional leaders to focus exclusively on instruction;
  • Co-teaching or team-teaching structures;
  • Staff professional development programs, including strategic use of summer institute training and ongoing trainings throughout the year;
  • Tutoring or academic intervention systems designed to “ramp-up” students who are significantly behind grade level;
  • New teacher development support system;
  • Strategies, structures, and methodologies to coach teachers on using formative and summative data to inform instruction;
  • Strategies to develop and utilize specific curricular and assessment systems;
  • Particular school culture or disciplinary procedures;
  •  Programs that allow schools to effectively recruit and retain strong teachers and principals (i.e. providing high-quality pathways for teachers and school leaders); and
  • A school calendar and/or schedule design that includes additional learning time.

The New York State Charter School Dissemination Program is part of the Board of Regents’ statewide effort to increase collaboration between charter and district schools, and to increase academic achievement within all schools. The goal of the Board of Regents Reform Agenda is to make sure every student in New York graduates from high school with the skills necessary to succeed in college and careers. The dissemination awards will help all students in New York accomplish that goal.

Report on CSP Dissemination Progress

April 15, 2014

Awardees’ Project Descriptions:

Click each school’s name to view summaries of currently awarded projects.

Bronx Charter School for Excellence and P.S. 85

Community Partnership Charter School and P.S. 270

Democracy Prep Charter Middle School and MS 228 Jonas Bronck Academy

Family Life Academy Charter School and M.S. 224

Hellenic Classical and Dr. Peter Ray Elementary School

KIPP: TECH Valley and Voorheesville Middle School

The Charter School of Educational Excellence with Cross Hill Academy and Woodlands Middle School

New York Center for Autism Charter School and NYC CSD 75

Renaissance Charter School and Truman High School

Williamsburg Collegiate and the New York City District Schools


Video featuring Bronx Charter School for Excellence’s partnership:

Awardees from a Previous Competition:

Click here to view summaries of awarded dissemination grant projects from a prior competition.

Grant Application, Awardee List, and Additional Information

Additional information including the application document is available on the 2013-2016 New York Charter School Dissemination Program Grant webpage.

Federal Charter Schools Program Nonregulatory Guidance PDF Document  (363 KB) includes information on dissemination grants (see questions B-5 through B-8).

NY Charter School Dissemination Grant Applicant/Awardee List (June 26,2013) PDF Document  (79 KB)

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