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                Community Partnership Charter School and P.S. 270


Community Partnership Charter School (CPCS) is working in collaboration with Public School 270 (P.S.270), the NYC DOE school co-located with CPCS at 241 Emerson Place. Through the program, CPCS is sharing its expertise in conducting a research based, nationally proven early literacy assessment and professional development program developed by Urban Education Institute (UEI) called Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress (STEP). The goal of the partnership is to foster teachers’ data-based decision making skills, leading to improved instruction and increased student English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency in grades K-4.

During the first and second years of the program, a consultant from UEI will spend 20 days at P.S. 270: coaching teachers in STEP, analyzing and evaluating literacy assessment data, and assisting in planning and implementing instructional modifications to improve student literacy skills. CPCS teachers who are experts in STEP are also coaching P.S.270 teachers weekly. The CPCS and P.S. 270’s leadership, in conjunction with an independent evaluator, will prepare annual progress reports, and conduct conferences at the end of years one and two in order to share successes, accomplishments and lessons learned. The reports will be distributed at the conferences to the education community at large. Additionally, grant successes, accomplishments and lessons learned will be disseminated via CPCS’s web page.

The STEP professional development program has already begun to impact instruction at P.S. 270, and has contributed to a positive change in school culture. As a result of the dissemination program, P.S. 270 has shifted to data-driven instruction. P.S. 270 leadership and teachers are attending meetings with CPCS leadership and expert teachers, analyzing results and making instructional modifications to meet student needs. P.S. 270 teachers improved their abilities to differentiate instruction: They can now address a broad range of student performance levels and identify student strengths and areas of need.

Eight P.S. 270 teachers and two P.S. 270 administrators are being trained in STEP for a minimum of two hours per week and have emerged as leaders in STEP. All of the teachers and administrators trained are able to input student data in the web-based data management tool, navigate the reporting capabilities of the tool at K-4, manage classroom and K-4 data and use evidence to inform instruction. They are able to analyze STEP assessment results, create action plans for instructional modification in literacy, and implement a consistent guided reading template for planning and delivery of instruction. P.S. 270 teachers will be delivering STEP training to their colleagues from May 5, 2014 to June 20, 2014.

Last Updated: April 23, 2014