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                   KIPP: TECH Valley and Voorheesville Middle School

KIPP: Tech Valley has partnered with Voorheesville Middle School (VMS). The focus of their project has been on improving student learning outcomes at both schools. The Voorheesville math department has worked closely with the grant-funded Data Analyst from KIPP: Tech Valley to develop an informative, user-friendly spreadsheet that provides the teachers with timely feedback regarding student performance. The spreadsheet disaggregates assessment data based on individual performance, class performance, question performance, Common Core Standard, and performance level/rigor. VMS teachers have been provided access to student response systems and Mobi View Interactive Whiteboards. The successful implementation of this technology has led to teachers getting immediate, objective data regarding student understanding and comprehension. VMS has also utilized grant monies to compensate teachers for staying after-school to work with students in the area of mathematics. This compensation has led to increased time on-task for at-risk VMS students. 

VMS has also shared best practices with KIPP: Tech Valley through this program. VMS has provided support in English Language Arts instruction, specifically with regards to increasing rigor and aligning the curriculum to the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). The partnership has allowed KIPP: Tech Valley to increase lexile levels on all reading passages and materials, incorporate research-based writing curriculum, and prioritize informational texts. The integration of technology has allowed for a more efficient flow of data-driven decision making. Scheduled collaborative planning time allows the teachers at from both schools to share best practices with one another. This collaborative effort has been useful and motivational to the staff at both schools.

Last Updated: April 23, 2014