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            New York Center for Autism Charter School and NYC CSD 75


The New York Center for Autism Charter School (NYCACS) has partnered with three schools in New York City’s District 75 (the City-wide district which exclusively serves students with severe special needs and disabilities) including:  P369, an elementary school in Brooklyn; P12X, a middle/high school in the Bronx; and P811, a middle school in East Harlem. Within the partner schools, the project director works specifically with classrooms serving children with autism.  All three partnerships are off to an extremely productive start, with district schools benefitting from NYCACS’ expertise in educating students with autism. NYCACS has formed positive relationships with partner school teachers and administrators, and promoted collaboration between the three participating district schools by facilitating a meeting among the participating Assistant Principals (APs).  NYCACS has trained partner school teachers to use effective behavior reduction strategies and token economies.  Teachers from the district schools have visited NYCACS to gain a better understanding of the application of our teaching methods.  An overall increase in student engagement levels has been observed in all partner school classrooms. While the project coordinator only provides hands-on support in targeted classrooms, she also offers didactic trainings (about both Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis) to all staff at each of our partner schools in order to reach the teachers and paraprofessionals who work in the schools’ other classrooms.

P369’s AP, Elizabeth Rueda, finds the collaboration incredibly helpful: The APs were able to share best practices around the use of data and development of progress reports.  At 12X, Ms. Clark, the AP, and Dr. Jones, the principal, are now discussing having the project director conduct a second major staff training in June, after the success of her fall training.  In addition, 12X plans to have two teachers facilitate ongoing professional learning communities in order to share the successful practices introduced by NYCACS.  Because P811’s AP, Jamie Kijowski, found the experience of touring NYCACS so worthwhile, he plans to send additional teachers from his school to observe NYCACS in action.  He emphasized how meaningful the partnership has been for the P811 teachers involved, and that they will use the strategies they are learning for years to come.

Last Updated: April 23, 2014