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Webinar Video Series: Fiscal Oversight by Charter School Board of Trustees

Welcome to this NYSED video series, where four fiscal presenters offer valuable information for Board members who are charged with monitoring and making improvements to the budgeting process of Charter Schools. Three of the presenters are representatives from independent audit firms and one is the founder of an accounting firm. They participated in a ‘live’ taping in December 2015 at the NYSED digital studio. Approximately 210 registrants viewed the session with the option of posting questions via WebEx chat. Our goal with this webinar series is to provide charter board trustees with ideas that they can take back to enhance the fiscal oversight and fiscal direction they provide to a NY charter school.

Webinar Slide Deck (3.8MB)

Welcome: Renee Rider, NYSED Assistant Commissioner

Jeanne Beutner

“Fiscal Internal Controls”
Presenter: Jeanne Beutner, CPA, Principal, Heveron & Company CPAs, PLLC

Picture of Michelle Cain

“Basic Fiscal Literacy for the Board”
Presenter: Michelle Cain, CPA, Partner, Mengel, Metzger, Barr & Co., LLP

The following two videos were recorded in the NYSED studio with moderator Karonne Jarret Watson, Counsel, NYSED Charter School Office:

Picture of Raj Thakkar

“Financial Risk Management”
Presenter: Raj Thakkar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Charter School Business Management, Inc.

Picture of Marc Taub

“Examples of Recent Internal Control Audit Findings and Understanding the Cash Flow Statement”
Presenter: Marc Taub, CPA, Principal, MBAF, LLC

Last Updated: September 7, 2017