Charter School Office

Adding a Board of Trustee Member to an Existing Board of Regents-Authorized Charter School

(Revised 10/10/18)

For all Board of Regents (“Regents”)-authorized charter schools, prior to the appointment or election of any new member to the school’s Board of Trustees, the Board of Trustees must submit to the New York State Education Department (“NYSED”) for approval the name of the proposed member and all required background information about the proposed member.  The following memo outlines the steps required to complete this process: Adding a Board of Trustee Member Guidance.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees for all Regents-authorized charter schools to conduct a current criminal history record check via fingerprinting which is deemed acceptable by NYSED, review such results, and report such results to NYSED through the steps outline in the guidance memo.  The Board of Trustees is also required to verify that any academic and/or professional credential or qualification presented by the proposed member is genuine (See fingerprint guidance for additional information.)

Please submit the following documentation for each applicant/candidate the Board of Trustees seeks to add:

  1. A formal letter using this template requesting NYSED approval of a prospective candidate, including a formal Board of Trustees resolution incorporating the specific voted language contained in the template
  2. Background Information form for the proposed Board of Trustees member, including a signed Statement of Assurance, which is part of the form (e-signature is not acceptable)
  3. Signed disclosure of financial interest (e-signature is not acceptable)
  4. Resumé or curriculum vitae
  5. A copy of the proposed member’s diploma and an official transcript from his/her highest level of education (e.g. high school).  If such documents cannot be provided, provide a notarized letter signed by the proposed member stating the highest level of education obtained and the reason why these documents cannot be provided, including a description of the good faith efforts made to obtain them
  6. By-laws showing:
    1. Number of Board of Trustee members (minimum/maximum)
    2. Types of representatives required if applicable (e.g., parent, community) or any other required qualifications
    3. Committee structure
  7. Board of Trustees roster

A Charter School Office liaison will review the documentation within 45 business days of receiving all of the required documents.  On behalf of NYSED, the Charter School Office liaison will, in writing, request additional information, reject or approve the proposed member.

Please e-mail the request and accompanying documentation to charterschools@nysed.govwith the Subject Line reading: New BOT Member Review: (Insert Charter School Name).

Last Updated: October 10, 2018