Charter School Office

Starting a Charter School - 2020

2020 Round 1
Letters of Intent
To Establish New Charter Schools

In response to the 2020 Request for Proposals issued in January, the Charter School Office received 13 "letters of intent" to apply to establish new charter schools authorized by the Board of Regents. Of the 13 applicants, seven are invited to submit a full application by the May 15th deadline. Please note: This is not an indication that the school's full application has been approved.

Six letters of intent were not accepted for failure to sufficiently address the requirements set forth in the RFP; the letters of intent lacked sufficient evidence of outreach, proposed to serve pre-kindergarten which is not permissible under Education Law, and/or failed to submit the required background information for a minimum of 5 proposed members of the board of trustees.

  • CLOUD Academy
  • League Charter School (The)
  • Long Island Career Charter School
  • Madam C. J. Walker Charter School
  • New Rochelle Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • New York Management & Tourism Academy Charter School
Last Updated: April 20, 2020