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An application to establish a new Board of Regents-authorized charter school in New York State may be submitted by one or more individuals who are teachers, parents, school administrators or community residents, under an open competitive RFP process as is set forth in NYS Education Law, Article 56 Charter Schools Act. The Board of Regents will only approve applications that clearly demonstrate a strong capacity for establishing and operating a high quality charter school. This standard requires a strong educational program, organizational plan and financial plan, as well as clear evidence of the capacity of the founding group to implement the proposal and operate the school effectively.

2017 Round 1
Letters of Intent
To Establish New Charter Schools

In response to the 2017 Request for Proposals issued in January, the Charter School Office received 17 "letters of intent" to apply to establish new charter schools authorized by the Board of Regents. All letters of intent will be reviewed to ensure that each is complete, provides thorough and robust information, and is likely to address the Board of Regents' rigorous standards in the full application. Letters of intent that do not provide all of the requested information or reflect the formatting instructions will not be accepted.

All of those who submitted letters of intent will be notified of the outcome by February 17, 2017. Those who are not invited to the full application stage of Round 1 may begin the process again with a new letter of intent in Round 2 later this year. 

2017 Round 1 Letters of Intent

2017 Request for Proposals
To Establish New Charter Schools

The Charter School Office has finalized the 2017 Request for Proposals (RFP) and Application Kit following the public comment period. All applicant groups - new applicant groups seeking to establish new schools or existing education corporations seeking to operate additional schools authorized by the Board of Regents - must address all requirements as outlined in the 2017 RFP and Application Kit.

In 2017, applicant groups will have two opportunities to submit applications to establish new charter schools to open in 2018. Applicant groups will submit all application materials via upload to the Charter School Office's web portal at https://nysed‐ by 3:00 PM EST on the due date specified in the timeline for the applicable RFP cycle as reflected below.

2017 Application Cycles

Submission Cycle Letter of Intent Due Full Application Due Capacity Interview
(Upon Invitation)
Regents Action
Round 1
February 15
March 17
May 3 - May 12
June 12-13
Round 2
July 7
August 18
September 26 - October 6
November 13-14

Questions regarding the application process and procedures may be directed to Please type “Applicant Group Questions” on the subject line.

Application Materials:

Last Updated: March 9, 2017