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Similar Schools Group #28

The New York State School Report Card

for School Year 1998-99

Description of Schools in Similar Group #28

All schools in this group are middle level schools in rural school districts with high student needs in relation to district resources. The schools in this group are in the lower range of student needs for middle level schools in these districts.

Student Needs Statistic for these schools ranges from 9.666 to just less than 58.710

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Public Schools In Similar Group #28

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School Enrollment (PK-12) LEP Count Free Lunch Count Need Statistic
Port Byron Central School District Port Byron Middle School Cayuga 415 0 70 40.066
Walton Central School District Walton Middle School Delaware 313 0 72 54.625
Bridgewater-West Winfield Central School District (Mt. Markham) Mount Markham Middle School Herkimer 548 0 103 44.650
Beaver River Central School District Beaver River Middle School Lewis 285 0 56 46.669
South Lewis Central School District South Lewis Middle School Lewis 317 0 38 28.476
Dalton-Nunda Central School District (Keshequa) Keshequa Middle School Livingston 267 0 66 58.710
Fonda-Fultonville Central School District Fonda-Fultonville 5-8 School Montgomery 498 0 100 47.690
Medina Central School District Clifford Wise Middle School Orleans 572 3 129 54.076
Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District William H. Golding Middle School Schoharie 559 0 119 50.564
Watkins Glen Central School District Watkins Glen Middle School Schuyler 432 0 71 39.045
Potsdam Central School District A.A. Kingston Middle School St. Lawrence 557 1 128 54.758
Massena Central School District J. William Leary Junior High School St. Lawrence 564 0 133 56.003
Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School District Jeffersonville-Youngsville Intermediate School Sullivan 261 1 41 37.691
Groton Central School District Groton Middle School Tompkins 323 0 73 53.675
Gananda Central School District Gananda MS Wayne 246 0 10 9.666
Penn Yan Central School District Penn Yan Middle School Yates 538 0 102 45.030

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