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Education Law

§  3650.  Comprehensive  school bus driver safety training program. 1.
  The commissioner, in consultation with the  state  comprehensive  school
  bus  driver  safety training council and subject to appropriation by the
  legislature, shall:
    a. Develop a  uniform  and  comprehensive  school  bus  driver  safety
  training  program  for  school  bus drivers transporting students to and
  from school by school bus  including  instruction  to  such  school  bus
  drivers  concerning  the  latest  safety  techniques  using  the  latest
  instructional materials.
    b. Include within the  safety  training  program  the  development  of
  curriculum  and  training materials including a school bus driver safety
  training manual.
    c. Develop and conduct  professional  development  school  bus  driver
  safety training seminars statewide.
    d.  Establish  and  maintain  a  data base containing data relative to
  school bus accidents and fatalities reported within the state.
    e. Engage  the  services  of  consultants  on  a  contract  basis  for
  rendering professional and tactical assistance.
    2.  The  commissioner,  in  consultation  with the state commission on
  quality  care  and  advocacy  for  persons  with   disabilities,   shall
  promulgate  rules  and  regulations  requiring  every  school bus driver
  operating a school bus which has or will have one or more students  with
  a  disability as passengers to receive training and instruction relating
  to the understanding of, and attention to, the  special  needs  of  such
  students.  Such  training  and  instruction  may  be  included  with the
  training and instruction required pursuant to paragraph a of subdivision
  one of this section and shall be provided at least once per year or more
  frequently as determined by the commissioner in  consultation  with  the
  state  comprehensive  school bus driver safety training council. For the
  purposes of this subdivision, the term "student with a disability" shall
  have the same meaning as such term is  defined  in  subdivision  one  of
  section forty-four hundred one of this chapter. Any person employed as a
  school  bus driver on January first, two thousand nine who is subject to
  the provisions of this subdivision shall comply with the requirements of
  this subdivision by July first, two thousand nine. Any school bus driver
  hired after January first, two thousand  nine  who  is  subject  to  the
  requirements  of  this  subdivision  shall  complete  such  training and
  instruction prior to assuming his or her duties.  

§  3650-a.  State  comprehensive  school  bus  driver  safety training
  council. 1. There is hereby created and established in the department of
  education a council, to be known as the state comprehensive  school  bus
  driver safety training council.  The council shall advise and assist the
  commissioner  in  the  development and updating of the school bus driver
  safety training program and such other related matters  as  the  council
  and  commissioner shall deem appropriate.  Such council shall consist of
  the commissioner of education as  chair,  the  superintendent  of  state
  police, the commissioner of transportation and the commissioner of motor
  vehicles  and  eight  other  members  to  be  appointed  by the governor
  including the following:
    a. Two members to be appointed upon the recommendation of the  speaker
  of the assembly.
    b.  Two  members  to  be  appointed  upon  the  recommendation  of the
  temporary president of the senate.
    c. One member to be appointed upon the recommendation of the  minority
  leader of the assembly.
    d.  One member to be appointed upon the recommendation of the minority
  leader of the senate.
    2. The members of the council, other  than  the  ex  officio  members,
  shall  serve  for terms of two years. Such terms shall coincide with the
  election of the members of the state legislature and shall  commence  on
  the  fifteenth  day  of January. Vacancies shall be filled for unexpired
  terms in the same manner as the original appointments.
    3. The council shall meet at least semi-annually at the  call  of  the
  chair.  Additional meetings may be called upon at least five days notice
  by the chair or by petition of five members of the council.
    4. No member of the council shall be  disqualified  from  holding  any
  other  public office, nor shall employment be forfeited by reason of the
  member's appointment hereunder, notwithstanding the  provisions  of  any
  general, special or local law, ordinance, county or city charter.
    5.  Each  member of the council shall receive reimbursement for actual
  and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.
    6. The council shall, during its first year,  consider  and  may  make
  recommendations on the following issues:
    a. inclement weather procedures;
    b. emergency school bus evacuation techniques;
    c. safety equipment training;
    d. promotion of public safety;
    e. unauthorized boarding of buses; and
    f. services for students with disabilities.
    7. The council shall make, on or before January first of each year, an
  annual  report of its activities and such recommendations as it may deem
  appropriate to the board of regents concerning school bus driver  safety
  training programs. 

§  3650-b.  Drivers  and  instructors;  training  and safety. 1.   The
  commissioner shall establish training and safety technique  requirements
  for  school  bus  drivers and school bus safety training instructors and
  shall make rules and regulations implementing  such  requirements  on  a
  statewide basis.
    2.  The  commissioner  shall  prepare and distribute school bus driver
  safety training manuals to each school district. Such  manual  shall  be
  periodically  updated  and  shall  provide  the framework for continuing
  school bus safety education programs for school districts.
    3.  Every school district shall certify to the commissioner  that  its
  school  bus  drivers  have  successfully completed the school bus driver
  safety training program established pursuant to the provisions  of  this
  article  and  shall  make  an  annual  report to the commissioner on the
  implementation and effectiveness of the program.  Each  school  district
  shall  have  the  option of having its employees certified as school bus
  driver  safety  training  instructors  or  contracting  with   certified
  instructors to provide such training to the district.
    4.  The  commissioner,  in consultation with the commissioner of motor
  vehicles, shall establish a certification program for school bus  driver
  safety training instructors. 

§ 3650-c. Accident report data base. The commissioner, in consultation
  with  the  commissioner of motor vehicles, shall establish an electronic
  data file containing accident reports relating to school buses.


Last Updated: April 26, 2012