Special Education Events Template

Noncompliance Reason (Reason Code): Continued

EIR01 Parents withdrew referral or consent to evaluate (C)
EIR02 Student moved out of the district (C)
EIR03 Student died (C)
EIR04 Parent provided consent to evaluate less than 30 school days prior to child’s third birthday (C)
EIR05 Evaluator was not available to provide a timely evaluation (NC)
EIR06 Delays in making contact with parents to schedule the evaluation (There is documentation of repeated attempts to make contact (C)
EIR07 Parents cancelled the scheduled evaluation and/or selected another approved evaluator (C)
EIR08 Parents refused or repeatedly did not make the child available for the evaluation (C)
EIR09 Additional evaluations were requested (NC)
EIR10 Evaluator delays in completing the evaluation (NC)
EIR11 Student transferred to this school district after the evaluation period began and the parent and school district agreed in writing to an extended time period (C)
EIR12 Delays in scheduling CPSE meetings (NC)
EIR13 Parents chose to continue their student in Early Intervention Program (EIP) and transition to preschool special education after the child became three years of age (C)
EIR14 Parents did not provide consent for services (C)
EIR15 The recommended Part B program and/or services were not available when the child turned three years of age (NC)
EIR16 The Board of Education of school district arranged for the full implementation of the child’s IEP, within 30 school days of the CPSE recommendation, however, the program’s starting date and/or days of operation were after the child’s 3rd birthday. (C)

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