Appendix 4 of Dictionary of Reporting Data Elements
(Reasons for Ending Enrollment Codes - Continued)

Code Reason
136 Reached maximum legal age and has not earned a diploma or certificate
340 Left school: first-time dropout
391 Long-term absence (20 consecutive unexcused days)
408 Permanent expulsion (student must be over compulsory attendance age)
425* Left school, no documentation of transfer (Note: use this code for students who are not yet of compulsory school age and who are withdrawn by their parents. These students will not be considered dropouts)
306 Transferred to other high school equivalency (GED) preparation program
357 Left school: previously counted as a dropout
Other circumstances for ending enrollment
140* Preschool special education status determined or determination process ended for any reason
289 Transferred to an AHSEP or HSEP program
323 Transferred outside district by court order
442* Left the U.S.
459* Deceased
782* Entry into a different grade in the same building
8228 End “Walk-In” enrollment

Note: codes that are shaded and asterisked are suitable to be used to end enrollment of preschool students


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