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PD Data System
Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: June 7, 2013

The PD Data System has undergone a major redesign. Please click here (Word Document 1,305 kb) for a walkthrough of the new system and to learn about the new enhancements.

Which data are entered in the PD Data System?
PD 6 and PD 8 data, as well as results from self-review checklists, are entered in the PD Data System.  All VR forms are entered in the Student Information Repository System (SIRS).  Districts work with their Regional Information Centers to submit VR data.

Who is authorized to have a username and password in the PD Data System?
Each school is allowed one PD contact person who is responsible for all certification and data entry into the PD Data System.  This person is issued a username and password by the SEDCAR unit.  The CIO/District Data Coordinator is allowed read-only access to the PD Data System and must be listed in SEDREF ($.startup)

Our district has a new CIO or Special Education Director, or the contact listed in SEDREF is incorrect.  How do I change this information?
Send an email request to or fax a letter on school letterhead to (518) 474-4351.  Include the district name, BEDS code, and contact person’s name, title, email address, and phone number.

I don’t remember my username and password for the PD Data System.  How do I get it?
Send an email request to with your title and contact information.  Passwords are provided only to the designated PD contact person.

My username and/or password are not working.
First, retry your username and password.  They are case sensitive and letters should be all lowercase.  If this does not work, send an email request to Dataquest.

I am new to my district or school and am the designated PD Data System contact person.  How do I obtain a username and password?
Request a username and password via Dataquest.  Indicate all contact information as well as your job title.

How do I submit PD system data?
PD 6 data is submitted directly into the PD system.  PD 8 data is submitted through a vendor using the FTP process or can be data entered through the PD system. Follow the directions on the SEDCAR home page under Reporting Requirements for more information. The verification reports data all come from SIRS. For more information on reporting data through SIRS please visit: or contact your RIC.

I received an email notice stating that the State Education Department has not yet received my district’s PD 6 or PD 8 data.
Completion of PD data is a two-step process.  PD system data must be both submitted and certified.  This is a two-step process.  Once data is submitted, proceed to the certification step.  On the navigation bar, select "PD Forms" then select "Submit PD6 (or PD8)".  Next, click on the button that says "view and certify your data.”  A certification button will appear at the bottom of each report (NOTE: Only the PD contact person will be able to see the certification button).  Once this option is selected, your PD data certification is complete.

Where can I find submission due dates?
Visit to download a printer-friendly table of due dates.  You may also subscribe to the RSS feed and Google calendar for up-to-date information and announcements.

What does VR, PD, SR and RS stand for?
VR represents verification reports; any form beginning with a VR is reported through SIRS. PD is a form that can only be entered/updated within the PD Data System. SR represents self review checklists which are part of the SPP Indicators and the results are entered directly into the PD Data System. RS represents reasonability surveys which correspond to VR1-5, VR10 and VR13 and are entered directly into the PD Data System.

Last Updated: June 7, 2013