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Response to Intervention Personnel Development Project

January 2014

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District Superintendents
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New York City Department of Education

Ken Slentz

Response to Intervention Personnel Development Project         

The Office of P-12 Education of the New York State Education Department (NYSED) is pleased to announce the expansion of technical assistance resources to assist schools across the State to implement high quality programs of Response to Intervention (RtI) and to seek “Applications of Interest” from school districts for technical assistance on RtI implementation from newly established regional professional development technical assistance teams.  I strongly encourage NYS school districts to avail themselves of the resources available through the State’s RtI Personnel Development Project. 

RtI is a research-based systemic and systematic framework of assessment, instruction and interventions that should be adopted by every school to support the teaching and learning necessary for all students to succeed.  As schools across the State work to implement the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), it is even more essential than ever that educators utilize data-driven systems of instruction and intervention, delivered with integrity, to provide supports for struggling learners. 

NYSED has facilitated RtI implementation through passage of regulatory requirements, development of guidance documents for school districts and parents, funding of the NYS RtI Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and support for 14 grant-funded RtI school implementation sites.  The NYS RtI TAC, housed at Buffalo State College is hosting a number of statewide webinars on RtI and will be coordinating the professional development content to be delivered across the State by the RtI regional professional development teams.  For more information on the NYS RtI TAC and information on the webinars, see www.nysrti.org.

Through the resources of a federal State Personnel Development Grant, the State is now offering expanded supports to schools for technical assistance and professional development.  Four regionally-based professional development teams have been established to provide technical assistance to school personnel on the implementation of RtI, including:

  • professional development sessions and on-site technical assistance to selected schools across the State to implement RtI programs at the elementary, upper elementary and middle school levels;
  • regional professional development sessions for preschool providers to implement early recognition and response at the preschool level; and
  • information sessions for parents to increase their understanding of and support for RtI.

Participation in the RtI Personnel Development Project  

School districts are invited to submit an application (Attachment 1) for support from the RtI professional development teams.  In the event the number of applications exceeds the project’s capacity, school districts will be selected, by region, based on the criteria described in Attachment 2

Each district may designate up to three schools for participation, with the exception of New York City (NYC), which may select up to 60 schools.  Selected schools will receive technical assistance and support for up to two and one-half years as follows:

  • One two-day forum and three one-day professional development sessions on topics related to RtI implementation for PreK through grade 8;
  • Two regional parent information sessions developed for parents of students in the participating districts to increase their understanding of and support for RtI implementation;
  • A minimum of three days of on-site technical assistance in RtI implementation; and
  • Ongoing off-site technical assistance through email and phone calls based on the specific needs of the district and participating buildings.

In regions outside of NYC, each school district must establish a RtI Design Team to participate in the professional development, minimally consisting of one district administrator, one building administrator from each of the participating schools, and one teacher or literacy coach from each participating school.  For NYC, the RtI Design Team must minimally include one network representative and one building administrator and one literacy/reading coach or teacher from each of the participating schools.

School districts chosen for the project must sign a Memorandum of Understanding reflecting a commitment to:

  • support an RtI Design Team in each participating building; and
  • ensure the participation of each building RtI Design Team in the professional development and on-site technical assistance visits provided by the regional teams.

If your school district is interested in receiving the support provided through this project, please complete and submit the attached forms, via email, by February 21, 2014 to rtipdschools@nysed.gov.  NYC schools should submit their requests to Efriedm@schools.nyc.gov.   All districts will be notified by March of selection to participate in the project.   

We sincerely hope you will utilize this opportunity to improve understanding and implementation of RtI in order to improve outcomes for all students.  Please contact Noel Granger or Jason O’Connell at (518) 486-7462 if you have any questions regarding the information in this memorandum.


Attachment 1 - School District Application of Interest
Attachment 2 - Criteria for Selection of School Districts for Participation in the Response to Intervention Personnel Development Project
Attachment 3 - Response to Intervention Professional Development Regions (PDF PDF Document (67 KB))

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