1. CSE[1] considers whether a child-specific exception is warranted. District must:

q   Submit application to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) for a child-specific exception. 


Student has IEP that includes aversive behavioral interventions prior to October 1, 2006. District must:

q      Submit application to NYSED for a child-specific exception no later than October 1, 2006.


q      Convene CSE to amend IEP to no longer recommend the use of aversive behavioral interventions.

2.     Independent panel of experts reviews written application. Panel reviews:

q      Application form

q      Studentís current IEP

q      Studentís date of birth

q      Disability and diagnoses

q      Studentís most recent and relevant prior behavioral assessments

q   Any proposed, current and/or prior behavioral intervention plans, including documentation of the implementation and progress monitoring of the effectiveness of such plans

q     Other relevant individual evaluations and medical information that allow for an assessment of the studentís cognitive and adaptive abilities and general health status

q      Information from the childís parent (if submitted)


3.     Panel makes determination and provides it to the CSE within 15 business days of receipt of the application (15 days does not apply if currently on IEP):

q      Exception is warranted

q      Exception is not warranted

q      Reasons for recommendation


4. The determination to the CSE is based on the professional judgment of the Panel that:

q     the student is displaying self-injurious or aggressive behaviors that threaten the physical well-being of the student or that of others and a full range of evidence-based positive behavioral interventions have been consistently employed over an appropriate period of time and have failed to result in sufficient improvement of a studentís behavior;


q      the studentís self-injurious or aggressive behaviors are of such severity as to pose significant health and safety concerns that warrant the use of aversive behavioral interventions to effect rapid suppression of the behavior and a range of non-aversive prevention strategies have been employed and have failed to provide a sufficient level of safety.

ß200.22(e)(4)(i) and (ii)

5. The Panel submits their determination as to whether aversive interventions are warranted and the reasons for that recommendation to:

q      the school district; and

q      the Commissioner of Education


6.     CSE considers Panel determination.

7.     CSE determines that studentís IEP will include a child-specific exception allowing the use of aversive behavioral interventions.  District must:

q      Obtain parentís informed written consent prior to recommending aversive           behavioral interventions with the student.




q      Develop an IEP that identifies the specific:

Ł      Behavior(s) to be targeted by use of aversive behavioral interventions.

Ł      Aversive behavioral intervention(s) to be used to address the behavior(s).

Ł      Aversive conditioning device(s) where the aversive behavioral intervention(s) includes the use of such device.




q      Notify NYSED that a child-specific exception has been included in the studentís IEP.

8.  For students recommended for aversive behavioral interventions. District must:

q  Ensure that the studentís IEP and behavioral intervention plan are being implemented. 


q   Convene CSE at least every six months to review the studentís educational program and placement, and behavioral intervention plan.

q    Ensure receipt of and review written progress monitoring and incident reports from the program serving the student.

q   At least annually, observe and as appropriate, interview the student in the program.

q   Communicate regularly with the studentís parents about the childís behavior program and progress.

q    Annually submit an application for child-specific exception, if continuation is being considered by the CSE.

Child-Specific Exception Application
Pursuant to 8NYCRR Section 200.22(e)


Send original plus three copies (including documentation) to:

Child-Specific Exception Application
New York State Education Department
Office of Special Education
89 Washington Avenue, Room 309 EB
Albany, New York 12234


Student Name:                  __________________________________________


Date of Birth:                     __________________________________________


School District:                  __________________________________________


School District Address:   __________________________________________




Name and Title of

School District Contact:  __________________________________________


Phone:                              __________________________________________                      

Email:                               __________________________________________


Period of Request (not to exceed one year): From: ________ To:  ___________


Date application submitted: _____________________


Name of the school/agency where aversive behavioral interventions would be implemented:           ________________________________________


For New York State Education Department (NYSED) use only: The program has NYSED approved policies and procedures on behavioral interventions that are in compliance with section 200.22(f).    ® yes  ®  no

Studentís Name:

1.       Describe the specific self-injurious or aggressive behavior(s) to be targeted by this intervention.





2.       Describe what specific behavioral intervention(s) including any aversive conditioning devices, if applicable, are under consideration by the Committee on Special Education (CSE).




3.       Describe why the CSE may be considering a recommendation that includes an aversive behavioral intervention.






4.       Identify accompanying documents that provide information on the positive behavioral interventions and nonaversive prevention strategies that have been tried, including documentation of the implementation and progress monitoring of the effectiveness of such plans. 





5.    Describe any psychological or health issues (e.g. hearing or vision impairment, medications, mobility limitations, medical diagnoses or restrictions) that are relevant to this request.






Attach additional pages as necessary

Required Documentation to Accompany Application:



Assurance:  This application has been discussed with the studentís parent.





Signature of CSE/CSPE Chairperson or Director of Special Education Submitting Application   



Print or Type Name






Signature of School Superintendent/NYC Regional Superintendent




Print or Type Name








Signature of School Physician




Print or Type Name




Signature of Parent *




Print or Type Name
* If parent signature is not obtained, please explain.





[1] CSE in this chart refers to the Committee on Special Education or the Committee on Preschool Special Education, as appropriate