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Questions and Answers on Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development, The State's Model IEP Form and Related Documents

Reporting Progress To Parents

The following questions and answers address some of the important issues raised by requests for clarification of the federal and State requirements for IEPs.  This document will periodically be updated.  This guidance does not impose any requirements beyond those required under applicable law and regulations.  This document supersedes any previously issued guidance on this topic.

If you have questions regarding the IEP form and related requirements, you may submit them to the following mailbox: SEFORMS@nysed.gov.

  1. Where does the IEP document a student’s progress, or lack of progress, toward reaching his or her annual goals? 
    The IEP must document when periodic reports on the progress the student is making toward the annual goals will be provided to the student’s parent; however, there is no regulatory requirement for the IEP to serve as that progress report to the parent nor was it designed for this purpose.  For purposes of reporting progress to the parent, however, the district could copy the annual goal section of the IEP and add a template to report progress.  When the IEP is reviewed at least annually, the present levels of performance and/or evaluation results should reflect the progress made during the previous year.
  2. Regarding the criteria for goals:  how is the "extent of performance" different than the "criteria that the goal has been achieved?"
    It is unclear from this question where the term “extent of performance” came from.  Evaluative criteria are the measures used to determine if annual goals have been achieved.  In reporting progress to the parents, the report should identify the extent to which the goal has been achieved in measurable terms.  For example, if the annual goal is that a student independently write three-sentence paragraphs using correct sequencing of sentences, the report to the parent in March on the extent to which the student is progressing toward this goal might indicate that the student is writing two-sentence paragraphs when using a graphic organizer.
Last Updated: November 2, 2010