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Questions and Answers on Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development, The State's Model IEP Form and Related Documents

Placement Recommendation - Updated April 2011

The following questions and answers address some of the important issues raised by requests for clarification of the federal and State requirements for IEPs.  This document will periodically be updated.  This guidance does not impose any requirements beyond those required under applicable law and regulations.  This document supersedes any previously issued guidance on this topic.

If you have questions regarding the IEP form and related requirements, you may submit them to the following mailbox: SEFORMS@nysed.gov.

    1. What does placement recommendation mean?
      Placement recommendation means the educational setting in which the student’s IEP will be implemented.  Placement should indicate the type of setting where the student will receive the special education programs and services (e.g., public school, BOCES, approved private school). 
    2. What if a student is a resident of and is receiving IEP services in his/her public school district and thus placement is the public school district, but he also goes to a Career and Technical Education (CTE) course at BOCES for culinary arts instruction as part of his Coordinated Set of Transition Activities.  Would the public school district be his only “Placement" in the IEP and BOCES then be a location of service in the IEP under Coordinated Set of Transition Activities and not an additional placement?
      Yes.  The IEP would identify the student’s placement as "Public School District".  BOCES would be identified as the "school district/agency responsible" for the instruction, in the Coordinated Set of Transition Activities section of the IEP.
    3. Where does home instruction get documented in an IEP?
      A student with a disability who is home instructed (“home-schooled”) pursuant to section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education would have an IESP rather than an IEP.  The IESP would indicate placement as “student is home-schooled”.  For a student with a disability who is recommended for home instruction by the CSE, the IEP would indicate placement as “home instruction.”
    4. Does the name of the provider of service need to be in the IEP?
      For students eligible for 12-month service and/or program, the IEP must indicate the identity of the provider of services during the months of July and August.  Other than for 12-month services/programs, there is no regulatory requirement that an IEP include the name of the provider of service (e.g., a specific approved private school).
    5. If a student is receiving Home Instruction, how should this information be recorded and reported in the Special Ed Programs section of the IEP?
      Home and hospital instruction is a placement recommendation for a student with a disability.  The special education programs and services the student will receive at home or in the hospital must be determined by the CSE in consideration of the student’s unique needs and such recommendation would be indicated in the IEP under Recommended Special Education Programs and Services.  For example:
      Special Education Program/Services Service Delivery Recommendations Frequency
      How often provided
      Length of session
      Where service will be provided
      Projected Beginning/ Service Date(s)
      Special Education Program:
      Special class Related Services:
      Speech and Language  Therapy
      Individual home instruction Individual 5 X week 5 days/week 2 hours / day 30 minutes per session Student’s
      home Student’s home
      9/7/10 9/7/10
      Placement:  Home Instruction
    6. How is placement documented in an IEP for a preschool student with a disability? (Added 4/11)
      The IEP must indicate the recommended placement of the preschool student with a disability.  For purposes of the IEP, the identification of placement needs to specify where the child’s IEP will be implemented.  Placement should indicate the type of setting where the child will receive his/her special education services.
      For a preschool child recommended for a full/half-day, integrated/self-contained special class, placement would be “approved preschool special education program.”  The name of the program (e.g., ABC Nursery School) is not required to be identified in the placement recommendation in an IEP.
      For a preschool child recommended for a full/half-day, integrated/self-contained special class in an approved special education preschool program, who is also recommended to receive related services while participating in the special class, there is only one placement recommendation in the IEP.  It would be “approved preschool special education program."
      A Committee does not recommend a placement setting where a child will receive related services only, SEIT services only or a combination of both,.  Therefore, the identification in an IEP of placement for such recommendations is the name of the service itself (i.e., related services, SEIT services).
Last Updated: April 18, 2011