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Questions and Answers on Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development, The State's Model IEP Form and Related Documents

Coordinated Set of Transition Activities

The following questions and answers address some of the important issues raised by requests for clarification of the federal and State requirements for IEPs.  This document will periodically be updated.  This guidance does not impose any requirements beyond those required under applicable law and regulations.  This document supersedes any previously issued guidance on this topic.

If you have questions regarding the IEP form and related requirements, you may submit them to the following mailbox:  SEFORMS@nysed.gov.

  1. The Coordinated Set of Transition Activities section seems misplaced, creating a potentially disjointed flow of topics.  Can this section be moved to coincide with the post-secondary goals?
    No.  The IEP form has been developed to present Committee recommendations in the same sequence that the development of IEP recommendations should occur.  The specific coordinated set of activities to be provided for the student to achieve his/her post-secondary goals are based on individual student’s needs and post-secondary goals and, therefore, appear later in the IEP.  After the Committee identifies the measurable post-secondary goals for the student, it must discuss what annual goals the student should achieve toward his/her post-secondary goals.  Recommendations for special education programs and services must consider the services the student might need to reach those annual goals.  The Coordinated Set of Activities documents these and other transition activities and makes it clear as to which agencies are responsible for providing these services.
  2. The new Guide to Quality IEP Development and Implementation on page 51 (second paragraph from the bottom) regarding the Coordinated Set of Activities states "the IEP must include the service and the implementation date of the service if it is different than the implementation date of the IEP."  So where would that go?  There is no column to identify implementation dates for the above.
    The implementation date of a recommended service to be provided by an agency may be documented in either the Service/Activity column or the School District/Agency Responsible column, following the name of the service/activity or district/agency.  For example:
    Beginning not later than the first IEP to be in effect when the student is age 15 (and at a younger age, if determined appropriate).
    Needed activities to facilitate the student’s movement from school to
    post-school activities
    Service/Activity School District/
    Agency Responsible
    Related Services            
    Community Experiences            
    Development of Employment and Other Post-school Adult Living Objectives Job coaching - October 2011       Abilities, Inc      
    Acquisition of Daily Living Skills (if applicable)            
    Functional Vocational Assessment (if applicable)            
  3. If an agency is providing a service (like job coaching), where is this captured in the IEP and how should it be listed?
    All recommended transition services and activities are documented under the heading Coordinated Set of Transition Activities.  A service such as job coaching should be documented in the chart under the heading of Service/Activity.  See example above.
Last Updated: October 22, 2010