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Speaker Notes:

Slide 12: Identifying Information

The initial portion of the IEP includes the following identifying information:

  1. student’s name, date of birth and local identification number (if used by a district);

  2. student’s disability classification;

    • The textbox for disability classification is the first section of the IEP where districts will use a drop-down menu.

    • For a preschool student, the only appropriate disability classification is “preschool student with a disability.”

    • For a school-age student, the district will select from one of the 13 disability classifications defined in regulation for school-age students with disabilities.

  3. projected date the IEP will be implemented. This should identify the month, day and year; and

  4. projected date of the annual review. The annual review date must be within one year of the date the IEP was developed or reviewed.