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Speaker Notes:

Slide 14: Present Levels of Performance and Individual Needs

The Present Levels of Performance and Individual Needs section of the IEP documents the present levels of academic achievement and functional performance and individual needs of the student according to each of the four need areas:

  1. Academic Achievement, Functional Performance and Learning Characteristics;

  2. Social Development;

  3. Physical Development; and

  4. Management Needs.

The Committee must consider and document, as appropriate, the results of individual evaluations as well as information from other sources to identify and describe the student’s strengths and unique needs related to the student’s disability and the student’s current level of functioning.

Present Levels of Performance describe the student's current achievement and state how the student's disability affects his or her involvement and progress in the general curriculum.

This section of the IEP should document instructionally relevant information about the student that provides a baseline of the student’s abilities and is the foundation on which the Committee builds to identify goals and services to address the student’s individual needs.