New York State Education Department
Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Module #1

  • Introduction to the IEP

  • Optional Student Information Summary Form

  • Present Levels of Performance and Individual Needs

Decorative Image: SED seal

Speaker Notes:

Slide 2: Introduction

Welcome to this pre-recorded presentation about New York State’s (NYS) model individualized education program (IEP). This presentation is the first of a series of three PowerPoint presentations regarding the State’s model IEP form and related guidance.

Module 1 presents information on the optional Student Information Summary form as well as NYS’ IEP form and information specific to documenting a student’s present levels of performance in the IEP.

Module 2 presents IEP form information regarding a student’s measurable post-secondary goals and transition needs, annual goals, short-term instructional objectives, reporting progress to parents and recommendations for special education programs and services.

Module 3 presents IEP form information regarding the recommendations to address the student’s needs and goals, including 12-month services, testing accommodations, coordinated set of transition activities (if applicable), participation in State and district-wide assessments, participation with students without disabilities, special transportation and placement.