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Slide 23: EXAMPLE - Related Services

This slide shows how related service recommendations may be documented in an IEP.

Related services are those that assist a student in benefiting from other special education services or assist the student in accessing the general curriculum.  Related services means developmental, corrective, and other supportive services as are required to assist a student with a disability.

Under the heading Related Services on the IEP form, there are drop-down options to allow districts to select recommended related services.

The most commonly recommended related services are included in the list of drop-down options. In addition, text boxes allow a Committee to identify any related service(s) not included in the drop-down list. Each row allows the Committee to select an additional related service.

For each related service recommended by the Committee to meet specific needs of a student with a disability, the IEP must identify the frequency, duration and location of each service as well as the projected start date of the service.