Recommended Special Education Programs and Services

  • Identification of special education program/services

    • Special education program

    • Related services

    • Supplementary aids and services/program modifications/ accommodations

    • Assistive technology devices and/or services

    • Supports for school personnel

  • Provision of special education program/services

    • Service delivery recommendations

    • Frequency

    • Duration

    • Location

    • Projected beginning/service dates

Speaker Notes:

Slide 19: Recommended Special Education Programs and Services

The determination of what special education programs and services will be recommended for a student must be individually determined on the basis of each student’s abilities and needs.

The IEP must indicate the special education programs and services that will be provided to the student so that he or she can:

  • advance toward achieving his or her annual goals;

  • be involved and progress in the general education curriculum (or, for preschool students, in appropriate activities);

  • participate in extracurricular and other nonacademic activities; and

  • be educated and participate in activities with other students with and without disabilities.

This slide lists special education program and service options and considerations for how those services may be provided.