IEP Training Modules

Module #1:

  • Introduction to the IEP

  • Optional Student Information Summary form

  • Present Levels of Performance and Individual Needs

Module #2:

  • Measurable Post-secondary Goals

  • Measurable Annual Goals and Short -Term Instructional Objectives and Benchmarks

  • Reporting to Parents

  • Special Education Programs and Services

Speaker Notes:

Slide 5: IEP Training Modules

Thus far, Modules 1 & 2 have provided an introduction to the IEP, which included a review of the regulatory requirements for IEPs.

Module 1 addressed the components of Present Levels of Performance.

Module 2 addressed the sections of the IEP form relating to measurable post-secondary goals; measurable annual goals, and short-term instructional objectives and/or benchmarks; reporting to parents and special education program and service recommendations.

Links to Module 1 and 2 of this presentation series are found on this slide.

Module 3 will address the sections of the IEP form relating to 12-month special education programs and services; testing accommodations; transition activities; participation in assessments; participation in other activities with nondisabled peers, special transportation; and placement.