12-Month Service and/or Program

  • Same as 10-month recommendation or different

  • If different, identify service and/or program

    • Service delivery recommendations, frequency, duration, location, initiation/service dates

  • Name of school/agency provider of service during July/August

  • For a preschool student, reason student needs July/August services

Speaker Notes:

Slide 6: 12-Month Service and/or Program

The Committee must provide a recommendation in the IEP as to whether the student needs special education programs and services during July and August in order to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

The State’s model IEP form provides a template for 12-month recommendations.

Recommendation(s) for special education services and/or programs during July and August may differ from the recommendations made for the school year program. For this reason and because there is no requirement that the IEP include information under one component of a student’s IEP that is already contained under another component of the student’s IEP, the form provides a space for the IEP recommendations that are specific to the 12-month services. If this information has already been documented in other sections of the student’s IEP, this section could reference the component of the IEP where this information has been documented.

The identity of the provider of services during the months of July and August must be indicated in the IEP. Other than for 12-month service and/or program, there is no regulatory requirement that an IEP include the name of the provider of service. In addition, placement for 12-month service and/or program may be provided in a setting or location that differs from the one the student attends during the school year. For this reason, the provider and placement recommendations for 12-month services must be clearly indicated.

If a preschool child is recommended for 12-month special education programs and/or services, the IEP must include the reasons for this recommendation.

There is a link to a Question and Answer document about extended school year services provided in July and August at the end of this presentation.